21-Day Food Reset
$21 for 21 Days

A Food Reset is a new beginning.
Get back to the basics and back on track to feeling good and being your healthiest you.

21-Day Food Reset

21 Days to a Healthier You
  • Common reasons for doing a Food Reset:
  • Noticing that clothes are fitting tighter
  • The number on the scale has gone a little higher
  • Increased anxiety
  • Obsessive thoughts about food, weight, and/or body image
  • Craving a certain food more often
  • Chronic pain or health issues getting worse
  • Boost immune system with healthy food, exercise, and mindset

  • Do any of these sound like you?

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What people are saying...

Jay Turner

Success Coach, EduJay LLC

I cannot adequately express how much Emily's challenge has made me more aware of patterns surrounding the things I give my energy to -- whether it is food, people, groups, things, etc. Within my first hour of participating in the challenge and with Emily's expert skills as a coach (a compliment I do not give lightly as I too am an accomplished coach!), I immediately began to recognize multiple energy sinks in my life... I highly recommend that you make this investment in yourself.

Debbie Diederich

Savvy Nom Nom Fan

When Emily invited me to the 21 day reset, I was skeptical that I could have any success of any kind. Rather than set an unachievable goal based on food, I went for something  a little different. Pandemic = non-movement. Because I work remotely, I wasn’t getting up from my desk and moving around like I would in the office. I needed to move, to be more active on a daily basis. And I succeeded. I am aware of how much better I feel because I have increased my daily activity. I will always be grateful for these resets. They really work.

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Emily Carpenter

Founder of Savvy Nom Nom

After losing over 100 pounds over 17 years ago, Emily Carpenter now shares her secrets with others on how to live with a happier and healthier body, heart, and mind. Working with Emily will help you shorten your path to success so you can live your life to its fullest.